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  • Ok so I'm not a soldier anymore and haven't been for almost 2 years. If you are a follower you know I don't post much anymore, but what should I switch my url to? Help me out : )


The first part of my sleeve when I had just finished it. It is the Arizona flag with a phoenix flying around it. Way more too add to it you will just have to wait and see ;)

Started my sleeve last friday ;) can’t wait to show you guys more.

Started my sleeve last friday ;) can’t wait to show you guys more.


  • Three family members in five months is really hard. Really hard. Pray for my family please.

The way he looks at her.


The way he stares at her, like if she was the most beautiful, wonderful thing in the whole world to him. The way he describes her, the pride he shows just by standing next to her. How? How did she do it and how does she keep it that way after so long? How do you become the absolute form of perfection for someone? How do you become the light in someone’s eyes?

I’ll find a girl who makes me this way one day.

Feb 6

Another Story.

I’m sitting at my computer, working away on something very important; you lay in my bed wistfully watching me. All night long you’ve been begging me to join you. Agitated I continue to ignore you, but it’s hard to keep my eyes off of you. “But baby I’ve got things to do.” Yet you continue; asking me to spank you, kiss you, fuck you. My legs start to twitch, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to focus on the screen. You finally get on your hands and knees. You start to giggle quietly to get my attention. After a couple seconds I turn around and “Baby i really need to get this duhhhh…..” My jaw drops and i’m speechless as you stare at me, arch your back and say softly and slowly “Pretty please daddy”. And with that I’ve finally had enough. I reluctantly stand up but with the worst intentions racing through my mind . I grab something from my desk discretely and I walk up to the the foot of the bed . You push your ass up higher in the air, and give me that sexy smile thinking you know what is ahead. “Close your eyes.” I say. I then bring out the blindfold that i grabbed from the desk and wrap it around your eyes. I gently put my hands on and begin to caress your lower back. I grasp your hips and pull you against my waist. firmly grabbing on your ass and thighs. You put your face against the sheets and start to shake your ass against me. I tell you to get on your back. As you roll over I get on my knees, placing one between your thighs. I take my left hand and move it underneath your shirt, as I gently rub my finger tips up your stomach onto your chest. Your body squirms as my finger tips tickle and rub around your nipples. I lean over you pressing my body against yours. I lean down and place my lips on your neck as I start to nibble on your ear. I gently whisper “I want you right now.” You grab the back of my head and start to kiss me. Then you whisper in my ear “I want you to fuck me daddy.” With my right hand I start to unbutton and pull down your shorts. I run my hand up the inside of your thighs until i reach the top. You quiver and moan as my thumb starts to rotate in circles along your moist sensitive spot. You start mumbling incoherently alongside quick and long moans. As I rub faster I wrap my hand around your neck and tighten my grip the faster I go. Just when you think you can’t take anymore I slide down from your neck Licking down your chest and stomach until I’m right above your pussy. You can feel my breath, and just when you’re about to die of anticipation I bring myself down on you. Slowly at first my tongue goes to work. Your thighs clench around my head and you moan my name. Your back starts to arch upwards. And your soft moans turn into loud ones. I’m actually surprised to find out exactly how wet you really are. I start to slide my finger in and out faster and pressing down with my tongue even harder. All the while staring up at you as you squirm, lick and bite your lips. As your breathing starts to quicken I realize you’re close, too close. I abruptly stop. You look up and wimpier, wondering why I stopped. But You have no idea what’s coming next. I silently leave the room, leaving you with thoughts of what i have planned. I come back into the room and slowly get onto the bed and mount you. Massaging your body. I lean down and whisper into your ear. “Are you ready?” You turn your head to kiss me but i grab your wrists and pin them behind your head with one hand. I reach over and grab the hand cuffs i grabbed when i left the room and put one on your wrist. You smile as I lock the other end against the head board. Then i lock your other wrist as well. I slide my body back between your legs as i gently rub your body with my hands. I say nothing as I take off my belt, and unzip my pants. The sound of this makes your body squirm. I gently place the tip of my cock on your clit and start to rub it around the lips of your dripping wet pussy. You wrap your legs around me to try and pull me in close. But I am not having it just yet. I grab your ankle and push it down next to me as I continue to tease you with my cock. I’m ready. I grab tighter on your ankle and push it above your head, as i put one of my legs over your leg still on the bed. I start to press my hips against you and you feel me begin to enter you. Your mouth opens and you let out a gasp of pleasure as my tip penetrates your soaking wet pussy walls. I gently slide each and every single inch deep down inside of you. Until i hit the bottom and you scream out my name. I start off slow sliding in and out of you slowly, gently. Kissing and licking your body as you lay there. Having no control. You are my toy for the night. You can’t cum until i tell you to cum. I lift my leg off yours and grab it and put it above your head with the other. I grasp both ankles in one hand as i start picking up the pace. You start to scream as i start to fuck you the way you wanted me too. i place your legs over my shoulders and lift up so your lower back is off the bed, as i continue to thrust deep inside of you. i lean down and bite your lip and you yell “i’m going to cum daddy, i’m going to cum.” I grab you tightly by the throat and tell you. “You better not cum yet you little slut. You’re mine tonight and you do what I say.” You push tighter against me. I take off the handcuffs and sit you up. I place your hands around my cock and you press your lips against it. You wrap your lips around me and start licking and sucking me. I wrap your hair between my fingers and pull you towards me. You take all of me down your throat. My head rolls back and my eyes close. “Oh my good baby. Oh fuck that feels so good.” I pull out of your mouth and flip you over onto your stomach. You immediately put your face on the bed and stick your ass into the air. I shove myself inside of you with authority and you love it. I reach down and grab your wrists pulling you up to where you have no support from yourself. I continue to pound myself deep inside of you. I finally tell you that you can cum and I see my cock turn white. It puts me over the edge. I let go of you “I’m going to cum baby.” You roll onto your back and open your mouth. I instantly cum in your mouth as your tongue touches the tip of my cock. You smile as my cum glistens in your mouth. You lay down on your back and grab the sheets in sheer pleasure. I pull my pants back up, kiss you on your cheek and get back to work on my computer.

Halloween costume submits?

I would pretty much LOVE that. Maybe even try and make a video tonight ;)

I know i’ve disappeared again.

I’m sorry I just travel a lot for my new job. Always with my co-workers in hotels and stuff so not much privacy… Maybe sometime soon guys. 

Do you like black girls?


Of course i do!

Do you like curvy girls or just skinny girls?


Both :)

Thanks for the gif! So guys New to Colorado and need to make friends. So if you live around Colorado springs kik me. Kik - sexysoldier5 and please i am straight. I will talk to you but don’t make it weird and sick pics will not be looked at lol

Thanks for the gif! So guys New to Colorado and need to make friends. So if you live around Colorado springs kik me. Kik - sexysoldier5 and please i am straight. I will talk to you but don’t make it weird and sick pics will not be looked at lol

Just a statement. Your thick skin is very attractive. I've scrolled a ways back on your Tumblr and you handle trolls with a lot of class.


Hey thanks anon! I appreciate that. I mean why let them get to me? I don’t even know them :)

its obvious what kind of girls you are into :/


You don’t know me so this is false. I’ve dated and find girls from all races the same. I really like short girls but I like tall girls too. I like thick girls and I’ like skinny girls. Do i have my perfect girl in my head? Yes. But that doesn’t keep me from being attracted to anyone else

and why did you move to colorado?? - sexyblonde(:


I got a job out here and have family so i moved out here to start a new better life